Jewellery is mostly given as a gift of love or memory of a special event; therefore it is understandable that we wish it to maintain its original glow. Proper care and maintenance is vital in preserving the beauty and luster of your precious jewellery. Allow us to give you some tips on how to keep your jewellery in all its glory.

Safeguard your jewellery from scratches, sunlight, extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals. While swimming avoid wearing jewels. The chlorine in water can damage your gemstone and gold. Gemstone may become loose in its location.

Keep your jewels in a safe box and a closed area where less air can come in contact with it. Wipe your jewellery with a clean cloth after you have worn it.

Avoid storing your sterling silver pieces along with gemstones, as most stones are hard and can scratch your silver. Precious stones as with diamonds are tough, but they must be cleaned to maintain brightness. The stones when cleaned, the best way is with luke warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth.

Always wear jewellery after completing the makeup and applying body perfumes. Overall jewellery should be treated gently, lovingly and with care. These tips for short-term and daily maintenance of your jewellery. You can also visit to our showroom ‘Senco Jewellery House’ at least once per year, where our service staff will professionally clean your jewellery.